Monday, 19 March 2012

Cornerstone Restaurant

Sirloin bites. The beef was tender, juicy and almost melts in your mouth. A little more seasoning would have elevated it to a perfect dish.

Buffalo Wings. They have level 1 to 10 spiciness on their menu. Luckily for the waiter who recommended me level 3, if not I would have ordered level 5. Level 3 was enough to knock my senses out, make me sweat and my mouth on fire. Try it if you are a chilli lover! But beware, it has a strong indian spice smell to it.

Grilled Squid. Best dish of the day by far! The squid was grilled to perfection. Fresh and chewy just how I like my squid done. Seasoning simply included a dash of salt and once you squeeze some lemon juice onto it, you simply cannot stop eating it!

 Tiramisu. This can be considered a classic Italian Tiramisu which does not contain any alcohol. You heard me right. The Tiramisus that you get elsewhere containing Kahlua or other alcohol are actually contemporary or modern. I quite enjoyed it without the alcohol for a change and it was really light and velvety. A good dessert overall.

Flaming Alaska. Had big hopes for it, but totally disappointed in the end. The meringue ended up having a burnt after taste from the fire. The strawberry and chocolate ice-cream inside was as hard as a rock and you could taste that it is of low quality. Try it at your own risk.

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