Friday, 9 August 2013

Alfero Gelato

 <Melon and Nuts' about You Gelato>

I'm back once again to confirm its status as one of the best Gelato in Singapore. And boyyyy, was I convinced again. Alfero Gelato is definitely one of my favourites! I do have a hard time deciding whether I would rank it higher/lower than De Conti's Gelato. Each has its own goodness. Alfero's has a much much creamier texture but is also slightly sweeter. De Conti's has a slightly chewy but rough texture and not too sweet. Hm! I think I'm straying off a little here. Back to the 2 flavours tried. The melon gelato was awesome! The aroma and taste of the melon was so strong and fresh, it simply swept me off my chair. The Nuts' about You had a very serious nutty flavour you could almost whiff it from a chair away. (I almost wanted to say "a mile", Haha!)

<Waffle with Vanilla Gelato>

I would say loving vanilla is an acquired taste. I'm not an expert on vanilla, but from what I heard and understand is that the very best vanilla has a very strong aromatic/pungent flavour that could put some people off. Made from premium vanilla beans from Tahiti, this gelato served with a hot crispy waffle should satisfy every dream of those with a sweet tooth. Simply divine!

Ambience - Good
Food - Awesome!
Cost - $6 per pax
Overall - Must Try!

6 Raffles Boulevard , 02-226A/B Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Opening Hours
12pm to 12pm

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