Saturday, 14 July 2012

The House of Robert Timms

<Pavlova with Strawberry Ice-Cream >

This has to be the first Pavlova I had in my life. After watching numerous Australian and New Zealand gourmet shows and the debate over who actually invented it first, there was no way I was going to pass this up. Robert Timms actually serves up quite a hefty amount of hearty authentic Australian dishes even though they are better known for their coffee. However, my wife and I were there, just for this sweet little thing. Haha! Okayz, the Pavlova was not too bad. The crust was perfectly crispy, but I wished the centre was a little more chewy. The macerated cherries were a good complement for the decently sweet sugary goodness. However, the letdown had to be the strawberry icecream. It paled in comparison to the quality of its larger cousin beside it. Overall, YUMS!

Ambience - Good
Food - Good
Cost - $10 to $25
Overall - Try it!

Orchard Shopping Centre, Ground Floor. (Beside 313 Somerset)

Opening Hours
11am to 11pm

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