Friday, 20 July 2012

Duri Durian Desserts

 <Durian Pancakes>

A cold version of durian pancakes, I last ate this in Malaysia and I'm so glad that it is finally in Singapore. The pancakes are really thin and fresh. But the main draw is the fresh durian flesh wrapped within it. It is seriously aromatic and a must try for durian lovers. Remember to eat it when you first buy it! It doesn't taste that nice after being left in the fridge for a day though. They do sell other durian desserts such as puffs, cakes and... erm.. was it mousse or pudding. Haha

Ambience - N.A
Food - Good
Cost - $4 to $10
Overall - Try it!

Tampines Mall, Top floor. (In between Long John's Silver and Texas Chicken)

Opening Hours
11am to 9pm

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