Sunday, 15 July 2012

Loots of the Day!

Alright, this post is a little different from the rest. It isn't a food review at any eatery in particular, but rather,  all the goodies I bought in a single day out, from different stores in Singapore. So I'm just going to entitle this post "Loots of the Day!"

From left to right:
Lychee Wine
Bought at Nippon-Ya in Ion Orchard. With only 3% alcohol, it should be suitable for the lightest of drinkers. What's more, it states that it is for beauty and packed with collagen, or so claimed by the salesgirl. The smell of the wine was simply alluring. The smell of lychee just rushes into your senses and knocks you over. However, the taste was so-so when you take a sip. The lychee taste dissipates too quickly for my liking.

Harajuko Chocolate Mochi
Also purchased at Nippon-Ya. Believe it or not, but I have been searching for this chocolate mochi for as long as 3 years. I last ate it as a gift from my mother-in-law's friend. I totally fell in love with it. Eating it again now absolutely satisfied my desire to get my hands on it. The texture of the mochi and the taste of the chocolate is simply divine. Oh, do remember to chill it before eating. Tastes best this way!

Mast Brothers Chocolate
Got these 2 bars of chocolate from the newly-opened Dean and Deluca store at Orchard Central. Heard about them from a friend that they too, use single origin cocoa beans in the making of their chocolate. I must say they were a little too acidic for my liking. I will probably stick to my favourites, Valrhona and Michel Cluizel.

Valrhona Porcelana
2 words for it - Simply Divine. A must-try for dark chocolate lovers!

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