Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian! An acclaimed restaurant opened by Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver who hails from Britain but once trained under the Italian maestro, Antonio Carluccio. The restaurant is always fully packed during meal times with queues up to 3 hours. So if you want to dine here, make sure you book way in advance or visit during the off peak hours.

<Fish and Meat Planks> 

One of his signatures are planks. There are fish, meat and vegetable planks. The fish plank was under whelming. There wasn't really much to it and the fishes that accompanied it were mediocre. The meat plank however, was great. It had a wide variety and good quality cured meats like Prosciutto Ham, Pistachio mortadella, Bresaola & Hot Soppressata to satisfy any picky mouths out there.

<Polenta Chips>

Holy crap! This was really really good. Crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside. Almost like fried tofu but with a nice fragrance of corn. The shaved Parmesan cheese on the top added the needed saltiness. Well balanced and tasty!

 <Prawn Linguine>

Fresh pasta cooked to al-dente. Fresh prawns and yummy bisque smothers your palate with every bite.

 <Wild Truffle Risotto>

Cooked decently, but slightly mushed for my liking. The risotto accentuated a very strong smell of the truffle and taste of the drizzled olive oil. Not bad, but I probably wouldn't order this again.

 <Tagliatelle Bolognese>

Perfectly cooked fresh pasta. Deep rich flavours from the bolognese. Huge portion! One of the best bolognese pasta I've eaten before.

 <Mortadella & Ricotta Panzerotti>

Ravioli filled with mortadella & chicken, coated in a blue cheese sauce. Topped with toasted, spiced nuts & an apple, lemon & parsley salad. Tasty, light, refreshing and abundance of textures. Loved it!

 <Grilled Pork Chops>

Good and bad. The pork itself was tender, juicy and flavourful. But the crackling... almost broke my tooth... It was so hard! Not crispy.. T__T


Decent tiramisu. Had a good balance of cocoa and coffee liqueur. What I like about it was that it wasn't too wet. Just the right consistency that I feel a tiramisu should have.

Ambience - Good
Food - Good
Cost - $25+
Overall - Try it!

1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity, #1 165-167 Singapore 098585

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 12pm to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm to 11pm

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