Wednesday, 7 December 2011


A place for good food, great pastries and decadent desserts! Located at 30 Penhas Road and Mandarin Gallery.

Wide array of desserts on display!

Head Chef is Chef Pang who once worked in Canele, another paradise of desserts.

Chef Pang's quality Macarons that rivals those of the best.

Some of its pastries and meringues. Always a feast for eyes.

A special Christmas menu accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate came along with Antoinette's breakast, however it was nothing to rave about. Had better hot chocolates elsewhere.

Well, honestly I had forgotten about the name of this dessert. However, its taste will forever be imprinted in my mind. The fine dessert first hits your taste buds with sweetness followed by a tinge of sourness. You will then taste a slight crunch of caramel bits (or so I think) and finally it ends off with a slight sweetness again from the cake in between.

Just got the Name of this dessert courtesy of an avid fan of Antoinette! ^^
Dessert Name - THEOBROMA

Dark chocolate cremeux, dark chocolate mousse, exotic jelly, hazelnut dacquoise biscuit, flourless chocolate cake, crispy chocolate, dark chocolate crunchy pearls, salted vanilla caramel.

The main feature of this feature are actually the 2 Macarons in the back. The one in light brown is known as "Antoinette" and the chocolaty one is called "Grand Cru". Antoinette is an infusion of Earl Grey tea mousse and raspberry coulis in the middle. Grand Cru is a Single Origin 58% Dark Chocolate Macaron. However, for chocolate lovers, you may be disappointed as it does not possess the intense and multi-layered flavours of chocolates from either Valrhona or Michel Cluizel. But overall, the Macarons are crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside and not too sweet. A must have!

Mini Viennoiseries that came with Antoinette's breakfast. Nothing much to rave about as it wasn't buttery enough to capture my attention. However, I felt it is a perfect match to the well-balanced breakfast platter.

More French pastries by Chef Pang

Antoinette's breakfast is great! The bacons were grilled to perfection, not too salty nor tough. The sausage was flavourful, felt like it was hand-made. The highlight was the scrambled eggs which we requested at an additional charge of $3. It was exceptionally fluffy, soft and not too moist. Finishing it off was the salad dressed with balsamic vinegar which totally erased all the guilt feeling and richness of the meal.

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