Saturday, 8 September 2012


 <4 cups of health>

Oh yea! 4 cups of uber healthy fruit juices. Bottom left clockwise, we have Detox (Carrot, Apple and Cucumber), Hearty Avocado (Avocado, Soy Milk and Gula Melaka), Refresh (Strawberry and Red Apple) and ABC² (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot and Celery) The best tasting one out of the 4 was probably Hearty Avocado. It was rich, creamy and the gula melaka really did its trick. Really good.

 <Lobster Bisque Soup>

I commend them for trying out this technically difficult dish. The soup was really filled with lobster flavour and  bits of its flesh. However, the soup tasted kinda rough. It wasn't of the velvety texture that I normally associate such soups with.

<Smoked Duck Salad> 

Looks good and tastes good. The vegetables were fresh, the zesty mango mayo was a decent match with its fruity flavour. But the main thing was that the duck was succulent and oozed a smoky goodness.

<Crabmeat Aglio Olio>

Sorry about the photo. Okay, back to the food. The crabmeat though good, but its portion wasn't very generous. And it came way too minced. I was hoping that it came in chunks after chunks after chunks. As for the pasta, it didn't really accentuate the essence of an aglio olio. It was lacking in terms of the fragrance of garlic and olive oil.

 <Lobster Pomodoro>

Definitely better than the aglio olio dish. The chunks of lobster were huge, fresh and not overcooked. Pasta was cooked al-dente too.

 <Beef Bourguignon>

I have to say this was probably the best dish of all. The beef was really tender and juicy. The red wine cooked all the way through it leaving the tendons melting in your mouth. However, the downside for me would be that the gravy is a little too sweet for my liking. But I must say that it goes very well with the toast. The bed of mashed potato was also nicely done and seasoned well.

<Vegan Ice-Cream >

Well, well... can you believe it? This ice-cream is dairy and egg-free. It is made from organic brown rice and nuts. The flavours we had were Chocolate & Cocoa Bean and Vanilla & Rose Sprinkle. Both tasted really good and we couldn't believe that it did not contain any milk or eggs. However, the texture of the ice-cream was not exactly smooth. Nevertheless, you can have your dessert without guilt now! Haha ^^

Ambience - Good
Food - Average
Cost - $12+
Overall - Worth a try

Bishan Park 2, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569931

Opening Hours
9am to 11pm

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