Saturday, 20 July 2013

De Conti - Caffè & Gelato

 <Pistachio Coffee>

Coffee is smooth and robust. Coupled with the pistachio paste and dark chocolate sauce at the bottom. Making it a truly wonderful experience. The frothed cold skimmed milk that laid on top was so velvety that I couldn't get enough of it. Overall, an awesome cup of coffee!

<Dark Chocolate Coffee>

Comparing this to the pistachio's version, you get less of that robust coffee flavour. It was probably overpowered by the huge layer of dark chocolate. For friends who prefer a heavily chocolaty taste drink but yet need that caffeine boost. This might just be the answer.

 <Italian Hot Chocolate>

My second experience of a "real" hot chocolate was also a truly heavenly experience. Not as thick as the I had from Au Chocolat, but this is why I love it too. It is easier on the throat and tummy.

 <Strawberry Sorbet and Dark Chocolate Gelato>

A well balance order. The fresh strawberry taste of the sorbet was neither too sweet nor sour. Most importantly, it doesn't taste artificial. The dark chocolate gelato was gooey, thick, chewy and sinful. Just how a gelato should feel and taste. Awesome!

 <Pistachio Gelato>

This is their signature gelato and my gosh, I totally agree with them. The texture of this gelato is perfect and you get a very light nutty flavour with each spoonful. The best pistachio gelato I've had! One word to sum it up - Divine!

<Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Gelato>

Well, I've described the dark chocolate gelato above. So I'm gonna zoom straight into the hazelnut gelato. Similarly, it has this truly decadent texture and chewiness to it. The nuttiness of the hazelnut fills your mouth every time you put it in. Its not too sweet either. Yummmmy!

<Cookies Gelato>

Cookies and cream, how often do you get that overpowering milk flavour or thought to yourself? Hm.. where are those cookies? Not with De Conti's version. The darkness of the gelato tells you that it is jam packed with cookies and with every mouthful, you actually taste the fragrance of cookies!

<Croissant with Gianduja sauce and Pistachio Gelato>

Let's start off with what is Gianduja. It is actually a chocolate mixture that contains 30% hazelnut paste mix into it. So what they did was to squeeze the mixture in the form of a sauce into the croissant. The gelato was as usual, awesome. However, the croissant was actually typical and it didn't blow me nor my friend away. 

Ambience - Good
Food - Great!
Cost - $6 per pax
Overall - Must try!

Tampines 1, #02-K2
10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536.

Opening Hours
10am to closure of shopping mall

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