Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Melbourne Food Trail

2nd part of my trip to Australia. Melbourne! To me, it is the heart and soul of the country. Having that many people of different culture living together only meant that the food scene is immensely unique and sought after. I simply love the place, or more, the FOOD! 

 <Croque Monsieur from Ganache Chocolate>

<Orange, hazelnut and chocolate dessert from Ganache Chocolate> 

<A hazelnut dessert from Ganache Chocolate> 

 <A delicious but expensive gelato from Fritz Gelato>

 <Inexpensive yet quality steak from Squire's Loft>

<Fresh, tasty and succulent grilled shrimps from Squire's Loft> 

 <High Tea at Aries - Langham>

 <One of the more exquisite piece from the high tea>

 <Awesome awesome French onion soup! From Bistro Vue>

 <Oysters that tasted like the ocean! From Bistro Vue>

 <Really fresh poached snapper! From Bistro Vue>

 <An average deconstructed snickers bar dessert. From Bistro Vue>

 <Smoked Salmon and Hash. From 2 birds and 1 stone cafe>

 <Reuben sandwich! From 2 birds and 1 stone cafe>

 <Awesome zonut from the king of desserts - Adrian Zumbo>

<Fantastic 4! Ultra decadant! - Adrian Zumbo> 

<Zumbarons! One of the best in Aussie - Adrian Zumbo>

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