Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tims Restaurant & Cafe

Located near Braddell, they are opened by 2 Nepalese guys who are very friendly and hospitable. Food is really cheap too! Their top dishes are Braised Ox Tail; Braised Lamb Shank and their dumplings called "MoMo".

Turkey Gumbo. Gumbo originated from the black people who threw in whatever they could grab hold of and made this stew that exhudes love and soul. Although this gumbo isn't the traditional gumbo that I know of, but it has a decent taste to it and it only comes with the set meal. Don't expect too much though.

Grilled Chicken Chop and Shrimps. This is one of the main course choices from the set meal menu which costs around $15. The chicken was grilled nicely, not too dry. And the shrimps were fresh. The mushroom sauce simply brought the whole dish together.

Braised Ox Tail. Best dish of the day! Tender and succulent. Void of any possible unpleasant smell that some people associate beef with. This dish is a must try if you visit the place.

Grilled Dory Fish with Mussels. Decent dish at best that comes with the set meal. Portion is small and perfect for patrons with a small appetite.

Ribeye Steak. Quite a let down I would say. The dish didn't look appetizing and quite possibly the more expensive dish there given the fact that the steak was only about 1cm thick. Skip this especially if you are an avid beef lover.

Surf and Turf. This dish consists of a grilled chicken chop and garlic butter lobster. Don't be misled by the picture. Though the chicken was perfectly grilled, the lobster was a huge let down. I don't think it was very fresh as it has quite a fishy smell to it.

Prune Cake. What a pleasant surprise! Though this simple looking cake came with the set meal, it was simply heavenly. It was light, moist, fluffy and had a wonderful prune taste to it. A must eat!

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