Sunday, 8 January 2012


A Mediterranean concept restaurant similar to Marche. It is actually under the same group of company that houses Food Junction.

French Onion Soup. Looks ordinary and without the typical cheese and toast on most French Onion Soup. I wouldn't consider this a classic French Onion Soup, but just a regular Onion Soup. However, it has a decent flavour to it and sweet. But I wouldn't pay the $5 I paid for it again as I could have better spent it on other food.

Mushroom Soup. Also costing $5, it is quite a good tasting soup to be honest. Better than the French Onion Soup, it has a strong mushroom flavour to it and it doesn't taste too creamy. Worth it!

French Duck Confit. Not as good as the one I had from Bistro Du Vin. It is on the saltier side and its skin is not crispy enough. However for $12, it is definitely a dish that you should order if you are on a budget and prefer additional salt to your meal.

Grilled Cod Fillet. Not spectacular. The fish was grilled nicely, okay mash potatos, watercress salad served with Salsa sauce. A good choice if you are not a meat lover.

Hazelnut Latte. I'm not someone who knows how to enjoy a good cup of coffee. But this is almost as good as Coffeebean and Starbucks.

Creme Brulee. A decent rendition of Creme Brulee, the custard inside is decent but the sugar crust on top is a little too thick. I had to hit it quite hard to break through it. But the goodness is all right at the bottom... yes... tons of vanilla beans sat right at the bottom, so stir it upwards before you eat this.

Chocolate Souffle. The Souffle had a good consistency to it and it comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and vanilla sauce to top it off. Definitely one of the better desserts they have.

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