Sunday, 26 February 2012


Located at Evans Road, it predominately serves breakfast menu the whole day with its primary focus on eggs. Yes, almost every dish on the menu consists of eggs. So be sure to give it a visit if you are an egg lover.

Burly Benedict. A typical eggs benedict with a twist. Gone is the ham, replaced by corned wagyu beef. Out goes the hollandaise, in comes what they call the Mornay sauce. The egg was perfectly poached and oozing with love. The corned wagyu beef was saltiness at its best. The sauteed potatoes were rather typical. Only letdown was probably the under-dressed salad which needed more balsamic vinegar to balance out the richness of the whole dish.

Sir Benedict. This was the typical eggs benedict that most of you would be familiar with. The mashed potato side was great. It was tasty and you could still feel bits & pieces of freshly cooked potatoes in it. But what made this dish awesome was the fact that they actually grilled the black forest ham and that brought out the full aroma which it might have otherwise lacked. Overall, I preferred this version over the burly~

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