Sunday, 19 February 2012

Twelve Cupcakes

A cupcake boutique opened by local celebrity, Jaime Teo and her husband. They have a whole range of flavours (up to about 20+). But on a daily basis, they usually bake about 12 flavours including 1 ~ 2 specials of the day.

Yup, I only bought a box of 3 to try out as I was quite sceptical about it. However.... read on. ^^

Expresso Infused Buttercream on a Moist Coffee Cupcake. The taste of the expresso was just nice for me. Not too strong but just enough to tickle your taste buds. It is moist, soft and not too sweet. Yums!

 Mocha, Chocolate Cream Cheese on a Moist Coffee Cupcake. Similar to the expresso cupcake with the exception of the topping which is chocolate cream cheese. Slightly sweet and salty. The cupcake was also moist, soft and not too sweet. Perfect!

Vanilla Cream Cheese on a Classic Red Velvet Cupcake. My favourite out of the 3! I have to say though I have taken a liking to red velvet cakes recently. Haha. The vanilla cream cheese was smooth, silky and packs a bagful of vanilla fragrance. The cupcake was up to mark as well. Totally satisfied with all the 3 I bought and will definitely go back again for more.

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