Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ah Loy Thai

 <Tom Yum Seafood Soup>

At only $6.90, the portion was enough for 3 servings. The soup had a great balance of spiciness and sourness to it. You know how some Tom Yum soup literally chokes you out of your breath? This one doesn't! Unless you are a crazed lover of  chilli, this one is perfect! On top of that, the ingredients were quite generous and fresh.

 <Fried Calamari>

For me, the calamari could have been swimming in the oil for a little longer to make it more crispy. But I must say the texture of the calamari was chewy but yet not tough. They could have made a little more effort on the dipping sauce even though the good old mayo provided is well...alright I guess.

 <Stir Fried Red Basil Beef>

Seriously spicy! One mouth of it, my scalp was itching. Haha! But the taste was great. Really goes well with a plate of steamy hot rice. *Yums!*

<Glutinous Rice with Mango>

Though a traditional Thai dessert, I must say this dish was a big letdown. The rice was kind of overdone and the mango not exactly sweet. Skip this if you do not want to waste your calories.

Ambience - Average
Food - Good
Cost - $6 to $15
Overall - Must try!

Tampines Mall basement, #B1-K17

Opening Hours
11am to 9pm

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