Sunday, 3 June 2012

Old Hong Kong Kitchen

Treated my mum to Old Hong Kong Kitchen for her birthday yesterday. It was my first time trying as well, so it was kind of risky even though it had some decent reviews. I'll be posting straight to the point as there are quite a few pictures and I wouldn't want it to be too lengthy. Let the food speak for itself! ^^
<Chicken Fillet with Szechuan Sauce> 

While not very spicy, it really numbs your senses. The chicken is chilled, smooth, still succulent and served with century eggs. It isn't exactly my kind of dish, but it was okay I guess.

<Pan Fried Carrot Cake with Bean Sauce> 

Decent at best. The carrot cake wasn't as soft and smooth as I hoped it would be. The overall dish lacked a bit of "Oomph!". I totally preferred the rendition at Zhou's Kitchen.

<Flaming Kurobuta Pork with Danggui Sauce>

Absolutely a MUST TRY! The pork was extremely tender and the danggui sauce was just right. It didn't overpower the taste of the pork. And if you want to start off your dinner in fashion, this would be the dish to order. It is literally served flaming!

<Steamed Pating Fish>

A type of catfish with a lovely fattiness to it. The fish was fresh and the seasoning was spot-on. We totally enjoyed it!

<Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock> 

The stock was robust and full of flavour. You could tell that they took hours to obtain the stock. A healthy dish suitable for all ages!

<Braised Homemade Beancurd with Mushrooms and Scallops> 

This dish was okay. I felt that the tofu could have been a little more silky and the scallops chopped less finely. I prefer the one from Imperial Treasure Nan Bei though.

<Chilled Aloe Vera with Lime Jelly>

What better way to end the dinner than with a superbly refreshing dessert? And it comes smoking with dry ice too! The sweetness and sourness of this dish was quite balanced. A must try!

<Mashed Taro with Almond Cream>

Well, decent at best. I ain't a big fan of almond cream but I certainly had much better mashed taro elsewhere. Try it only if you are still hungry.

Ambience - Average
Food - Good
Cost - $30 to $40
Overall - Try it!

10 Sinaran Drive,
#02-80 Novena Square 2

Opening Hours
10.30am to 11pm (They serve dim sum too, in the afternoon)

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