Friday, 20 September 2013

Cookies for Sid

A newly opened shop that sells only cookies along Citylink Mall. They have a wide variety of flavours and I quite like the texture of their cookies. They are slightly crisp on the outside but yet chewy on the inside. Kinda like the best of both worlds, ain't it? ^^

Going clockwise from the left we have, Brown Sugar; Mocha Espresso and Earl Grey Almonds. My favourite would be the Earl Grey, followed by Mocha and then Brown Sugar. You could hardly taste the brown sugar in the cookie and that made it kinda like a typical sweet cookie. The mocha cookie had a very good and strong balance of both mocha and espresso. The earl grey cookie was really good. You could taste a light hint of early grey, it had finely chopped earl grey tea leaves mixed in and those almond provided an additional dimension to the overall experience.

Ambience - Only for takeaways
Food - Good
Cost - $1.50+ per cookie
Overall - Worth a try

Citylink Mall, B1-10, 1 Raffles Link, Singapore 039393

Opening Hours
11am to 9pm

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