Sunday, 3 November 2013

Juchheim Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen or "tree log" originated from Germany. It was brought over to Japan and it won over the hearts of many Japanese. It sort of resembles the "kueh lapis" that we are familiar with. The store in Singapore sold its flagship original flavour along with others such as chocolate and earl grey. I bought the earl grey one as my wife loves the fragrance of the tea. The cake is very dense but not oily. It is slightly dry but has a very good depth of flavour to it. You should chomp on each bite slowly to let the aroma permeate your entire mouth. Though texturally, I prefer a lighter and more moist cake. This cake is interesting enough to make me want to go back and at least try out another flavour.

Ambience - N.A
Food - Average
Cost - $5+
Overall - Worth a try

391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873, Singapore Takashimaya B2 205 3-1

Opening Hours
11am to 9pm (Un-confirmed)

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