Monday, 20 August 2012

Table Manners

 <Seafood and chicken jambalaya, truffle fries and grilled asparagus with bacon>

For lunch, they serve combos in which you can choose from a variety of "Fibre" and "Protein". I chose the above combination as it attracted me the most. But how wrong I was! I didn't expect the portion for this combination was going to be that little. The asparagus was actually just one stalk cut into 3 portions... T_T Aright, it was quite tasty. But what could possibly go wrong when paired with bacon? The truffle fries tasted just like any other ordinary fries too. The jambalaya was not too bad, a little spicy but overall quite delicious. But the portion was equally as small.

 <Pan seared fish fillet with pesto sauce, sauteed mushrooms and aglio olio>

Well, the portion for this combination was way..way.. bigger! The taste overall was alright, nothing spectacular and nothing disastrous. Just so you know, they serve other combinations as well with the largest being 2 proteins and 2 fibre.

 <Sea salt chocolate caramel tart>

The chocolate filling was a little too sweet for my liking as I'm more of a dark chocolate lover. The tart was also too thick and hard. You really have to use some strength to cut through it.

<Basil lime strawberry tart>

This was a much more balanced dessert in terms of sour and sweetness. But similarly, the tart itself was too thick and hard. Also, it wasn't buttery enough for my liking. Overall, Table Manners is a good place to chill out if you are not too picky about what you put in your mouth.

Ambience - Good
Food - Average
Cost - $10+
Overall - Worth a try

5 Changi business park central 1, Changi City Point – The Oasis , #01-68/69, Singapore 486 038

Opening Hours
11am to 12mn

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