Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hot Star (Super Large Fried Chicken)

<Original Large Fried Chicken>

Hot Star! Hailing from Taiwan with its signature Large Fried Chicken Cutlets was a hit with Singaporeans when it first landed in J-Cube shopping mall in Jurong I think. Now finally, it has opened its shores to people living in Tampines. Yes! Tampines One shopping mall to be exact. But please pardon the quality of this picture. It was taken from home and I just wanted to show how big the cutlet really was. It was HUGE! My plate could barely fit the whole thing. I was desperate to get my first try on this with all the hype surrounding it. I guess either I was wrong or that my expectations were too high. Apart from the fact that the chicken was cooked nicely and still juicy, it was all powder. Beyond all the powder and MSG, the chicken really tasted just tasteless. Not to mention that mine had tons of bones at one end of it which honestly will make eating on the go, difficult. But, I guess the the best thing about this is that it can really fill you up.

Ambience - N.A.
Food - Average
Cost - $4 to $6
Overall - Queue up at your own risk

Tampines One basement (opp Carl's Jr)

Opening Hours
10am to 10pm

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