Sunday, 13 May 2012


 <Classic Kimchi>

I'm not exactly a big fan of kimchi, however my wife is seriously mad about it. And I'm not sure why. She seems to be able to finish up all their supplies at the pace she eats. Then again, what Korean meal will be complete without kimchi right? They have 2 types of kimchi though, classic and fresh kimchi. Classic kimchi which we had, is the spicier version. It tasted quite authentic, at least to the extent of my mediocre knowledge of Korean food. Both of us finished it in less than 5mins. Nuff said, Yums!

<Drunken Pork>

Grilled wine-marinated pork belly served with kimchi on a sizzling hot plate. Accompanied by condiments such as preserved radish and sweeten peanuts. To be honest, it tasted alright at first. However, as you dig in deeper, the more it felt greasy. You could see the fat from the pork oozing and spreading around on the hot plate making the kimchi taste odd. Though I wouldn't recommend this dish personally, but it also wouldn't prevent me from trying out the restaurant again.


Soybean paste hotpot with tofu, vegetables and seafood. The soup was tasty, not too spicy. Those looking for a kick could be greatly disappointed in that sense. Also, according to my wife, the clams in the soup weren't that fresh too. Now for the positives. The other ingredients in the soup were fresh. The prawns and vegetables cooked perfectly to crunchiness. It is a dish probably good for the weight watchers too. haha!

<Ice Sour Plum & Hot Yuzu Green Tea>

For me, the drinks were the highlight of the meal. The Ice Sour Plum drink was light and really refreshing. If not for it, I would have drowned in the plate of porky fat earlier. A great way to balance of a meal. The Yuzu Green Tea was equally refreshing. Althought I would have preferred it cold. 

Ambience - Average
Food - Average
Cost - Roughly $20 to $30 per pax
Overall - Worth a try

181 Orchard Central #07-01, Orchard Central Singapore 238896

Opening Hours
12pm - 10pm on Sunday to Thursday
12pm - 11pm on Friday and Saturday

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